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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Venue + Great Lineup = Great Weekend!!

Fitzgerald's Nightclub in Berwyn, Illinois is about as close to a good old-fashioned roadhouse as you can get within spitting distance of Chicago. Walk in nearly any night and be treated to some fantastic music, frosty drinks, great eating and friendly and appreciative crowds of music lovers. But this coming weekend is special. If you haven't made it to one of the Annual American Music Festivals over July 4th weekend, don't miss it this year, their 30th. Bill Fitzgerald and his staff do an incredible job and were kind enough to host some of Steve's photosessions that led to some amazing portraits. And we're thrilled that five of 'our' featured artists are on the bill this weekend! Joe Ely, Jon Langford, Nick Tremulis, Dave Alvin and Willie Nile will all be 'in da' houz'! Don't miss it!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're on YouTube...

Here is the first of multiple videos that we will be making available...a nice collage of the portraits included in the book with musical backing from the lovely Nina Simone (how could we choose just one from the book!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

'80s stuff from...

...Steve Vai and Loudon WainwrightIII in the "Performance Vault" sidebar (not together of course...although that would be interesting!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Chicago-area fans...

...lawn seats moving fast for some of our featured artists...

Lawn Ticket Status
Artist Date Lawn Seating
The Moody Blues June 25 Buy Now - Selling Fast!
Ralph's World June 26 Buy Now - Selling Fast!
Cheap Trick July 10 Buy Now - Selling Fast!
Sting July 17 Sold Out
Sting July 18 Sold Out
BoDeans August 7 Buy Now - Selling Fast!

ASCAP Files 21 Copyright Suits Against Bars and Clubs

June 21, 2010, 11:29 am ASCAP Files 21 Copyright Suits Against Bars and Clubs
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers said on Monday that it had filed copyright suits against 21 bars, nightclubs and restaurants across the country, including Doug’s Burger Bar in Imperial, Mo., and The Vibe in Riverside, Calif.

The performing rights group, which represents more than 380,000 songwriters and publishers, said in a statement that each of the businesses did not have the required license to allow performers to play copyrighted songs or have failed to make the payments required by the license.

Any venue that hosts musicians who perform any of the 8.5 million copyrighted songs overseen by the performing rights group, which collects royalties for song writers, is supposed to pay an annual licensing fee. “Having music in an establishment is an enhancement that draws many patrons to these venues. A music license is a basic cost of business recognized in hundreds of thousands of bars, restaurants and other venues across the U.S.,” Vincent Candilora, the group’s senior vice president of licensing, said in a statement. “The 21 cases filed today aim to heighten awareness among music users and the public that it is a federal offense to perform copyrighted music without permission.”

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 'love of music'!

They're not in the book and it ain't rock and roll...but this video certainly celebrates "Their Love of Music"!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New video on our...

...Myspace page...featuring among others, Michelle Malone and her drummer, Katie Herron...

Tough touring summer...

Live Biz Hit By Summer Slump, Cancellations
June 16, 2010 - Touring

By Ray Waddell

While it seems more and more clear that the live music business is taking a beating this summer, blogger Bob Lefsetz’ surprising claim that Live Nation has “supposedly” canceled as many as 200 shows by Creative Artists Agency acts alone cannot be confirmed at this point.

Individual shows, legs of tours, or entire tours have been canceled or postponed by such artists as U2 (due to Bono’s back surgery), Christina Aguilera, Lilith Fair, Limp Bizkit, the Eagles, Country Throwdown, Rihanna, John Mayer, Bamboozle, and the Go-Go’s. Other tours by what were considered hot acts are experiencing slumping sales, among them Jonas Brothers and Kings Of Leon, according to sources. But a source familiar with the situation says the 200 figure is “untrue,” and hundreds of shows canceled is a hard number to reach, especially considering Live Nation promotes about 900 amphitheater shows a year.

Rumblings of a tough year for touring began a couple of months ago, with predictions ranging from “mediocre” to “bloodbath.” Two main culprits may be at fault in what is shaping up as possibly the worst summer for touring since the mid 1990s: ticket prices and traffic. At the center of the storm is Live Nation, which controls the majority of summer touring, particularly at the amphitheater level.

full article:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Add their ages together...

...and the sister and brother who are two-thirds of The Adrian Belew Power Trio are also just over two-thirds the age of the frontman. Julie Slick (bass) and Eric Slick (drums) provide a ton of ‘power’ behind the guitar and vocal stylings of King Crimson and The Bears’ star, Adrian Belew. It is precisely this kind of ‘yin and yang’ that makes Their Love of Music what a recent commentator called 'a very special project'!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Company of Thieves

Genevieve Schatz and Marc Walloch front this Chicago-based band that has burst on the national rock scene with fantastic tunes like "Oscar Wilde" (see the video on our myspace page)...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fly like an eagle this weekend...

Steve Miller Band in NJ and CN!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please forgive us!!

The photographer, the publisher and the web geek are all from Chicago...HAWKS...CUP...YEA BABY!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fantastic new video...

...just uploaded yesterday by Theresa Andersson! Amazing stuff!

Congrats to our publisher!!

Smoky Mountains Book Named Silver Medalist in Eric Hoffer Book Awards

“The US Review of Books: The Eric Hoffer Award.”

Great Smoky Mountain National Park: Thirty Years of American Landscapes, Richard Mack, Quiet Light Publishing - Photographer Richard Mack doesn’t let words get in the way of his sumptuous series of pictures of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. For thirty years, Mack has roamed and captured images of this National Park beauty. The book is divided into the major park sections (i.e. Cades Cove, Oconaluftee, Roaring Fork etc.), exploring the natural subdivisions within each. Occasionally the filters are set for subtle effect, but mostly you will find icy clear depictions of the majesty wrought from this mountainous pine and deciduous forest in every season. It is the kind of coffee table book that draws you in and has you flipping through every page.

Bluesfest 2010

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate and Grant Park will be rockin' with the sounds of blues of all stripes! Come see Honeyboy Edwards and some of our other featured artists do their thing!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

NPR To Broadcast Live Webcast From Bonnaroo 2010

NPR Music strikes wonderfully again; they just announced that they’ll be broadcasting over 40 sets from this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival beginning Thursday.

NPR Music, together with three partner public radio stations, sets up camp by the four main stages at this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, presenting three days of live webcasts with dozens of performances from popular musicians. From June 11-13, NPR Music, together with Member stations KUT Austin, The Current from Minnesota Public Radio and WFUV New York, team up to offer more than 40 full sets from acts taking the Festival’s Which, What, This, and That stages, including The Dave Matthews Band, The Dead Weather, Kings of Leon, Nas and Damian Marley, Phoenix, The Avett Brothers, Jimmy Cliff, The Flaming Lips (performing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon), Norah Jones, Jay Electronica, The Gossip, Dan Deacon, LCD Soundsystem and John Prine.

If you’ve followered their coverage of SXSW in the past, you know that these webcasts (and subsequently archived sets) are top notch.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interview with Steve Azzato, Part One

We recently had a chance to sit down with Steve Azzato, the creator and photographer responsible for Their Love of Music. We chatted a bit about his inspiration and experiences during the shooting of the book. In addition to this project, Steve is a professional cameraman for NBC and resides in the Chicago area. Here is Part I of that interview.

TLOM: You’ve got a full plate of family, work as a television cameraman, and other interests so what drew you to take on this monstrous project??

Azzato: There is a rather simple explanation. I love photography and I love music. What I wanted to accomplish with this book, was to blend my experience of working in television with my passion of photography, and create a one on one view of musicians. Unlike television where a sound bite is heard and then in most cases put on an archival shelf, I thought it was important to preserve on pages what these artists had to express…much like the lyrics and compositions that they give us in their music. And I wanted to depict them in ways we are not always familiar with, face to face, in a setting without all the lights and screaming fans, and ask them simply, what draws you to go out sometimes night after night three hundred dates a year, and give of yourself to your audience?

TLOM: You’re a musician yourself…did that influence your decision to develop this book?

Azzato: Being a musician myself, but certainly at no level of the musicians that are within these pages, I realize the effort that entails when giving a show. Even on the smallest level. There’s loading the vehicle with all your gear, then driving to the location, then unloading the gear and setting up. In most cases there is a long hike from your vehicle to the stage, and more often than not, stairs are usually prevalent and it takes you several trips. Usually on the days of your gigs it’s a down pour rain, or twenty below zero if you live in my hometown of Chicago, which makes these trips exceptionally fun. Once you set up, and do a quick sound check, you sometimes have the luxury of treating yourself to a brief rest in the dressing room. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, wow, a dressing room complete with beverages and snacks including the M &M’s with all the red ones taken out, just like the early seventies rock bands. Hardly. It’s more like a closet with a couple of brooms hanging up, additional bar chairs stacked and leaning like the tower of Pisa, and a janitors bucket with retched water emulating from it which was not emptied by the night shift cleaning people. I say all this in jest; I did this for years, and never really gave it any thought. I didn’t do for the money, I didn’t do it to seek great fame, quite honestly, the only answer I could come up with, was…It was just fun. To look out in the audience when you’re performing and see someone dancing or singing along to the words of the song, just made it all worthwhile.

TLOM: You obviously chose a different career path so what drew you back to music?

By sitting with these musicians from all levels of notoriety from all different genres, I was hoping to find out if they, like I have, felt, “hey, this is just so cool”, or if there would be a deeper weaving in their words which would convey what drives them, individually and collectively to pursue the art of music. What makes you practice for hours each day, schlep the equipment to your gig and then perform night after night. What is it inside the soul of these artists which makes them want to play so well, to dedicate their life’s work to the art of music? Is it just their love of music?

TLOM: You had the opportunity to talk with over 100 musicians from the mega-famous to youngsters just getting started. What were some of your favorite moments?

I remember sitting with Bo Ramsey at FitzGerald’s during their annual American Music Festival, it was a warm late afternoon in July and I was set up in the studio apartment above the bar, which at that time, was being temporarily occupied by a member of the FitzGerald family. It’s a small quaint place and the only area I could set up in was the kitchen. In the living room were a couch, a coffee table, and a large dog kennel housing a German Shorthair Pointer. I brought Bo up to conduct his interview and photo session and as we walked through the living room into the kitchen, the large dog just laid there looking at us, his eyes shifting back and forth. I thought - what a good dog. We sat, and I hit the record button on my tape recorder and proceeded with my interview. After asking Bo to identify himself for the recorder, I could hear the kennel in the next room rattle just a little as the dog shifted I’m sure, to make himself more comfortable. I began to sweat a little, having owned a couple of the little creatures throughout my life I knew what was to come next. And sure enough it happened. Bo, a quiet southern gentleman with a cowboy hat dipped below one eye, began to speak. He looked down as he spoke. Wanting to get every word of this soft spoken man, I moved the recorder a bit closer. Good thing, because right at the time I repositioned my recorder, the German Shorthair in the next room began to howl, as if someone had cued him on a movie set. Bo looked up at me, still with the hat dipped below one eye, and stopped speaking. I could see the pack of cigarettes he clinched in his left hand had a much tighter grip than moments before, not much just a hint. I apologized, and just as I proceeded with the next question, another howl came from the living room followed by the entrance of the dogs’ owner. If you’ve ever witnessed a large breed dog in a kennel that is eager to be walked by his owner, it is a sight you never forget. After what seemed like hours, the dog and the owner were gone. They say the silence is bliss, and I can attest to that. Bo, I could tell had been rattled by far worse incidents than a German Shorthair Pointer in a kennel. We finished our interview and photo shoot as if nothing had happened. Thank you Bo Ramsey for your patience.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New video...

...from one of our favorites! Willy Porter at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois last month...

Album Sales Plummet To Lowest Level In Decades


Bad times just got worse.

For the week ending May 30, the U.S. music industry sold a total of 4,984,000 albums, according to Nielsen Soundscan. This figure, which includes new and catalog releases, represents the fewest number of albums sold in one week since Soundscan began compiling this data in 1994.

By comparison, album sales for the week ending May 31, 2009, totaled 5.76 million. The highest one-week tally recorded during the Soundscan era is 45.4 million albums, in late December, 2000.

This week's record low comes as the major record companies continue to reckon with a decade-long decline in sales, and as other prominent sectors of the industry, such as the touring business, go through sea changes of their own.

And that's not all: While there's no exact way to compare last week's total against imprecise, pre-Soundscan tallies, Billboard estimates that weekly album sales volume could, in fact, be at its lowest point since the early 1970s.


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